Hardwood Flooring Installation in Liberty Lake, WA

For over 25 years, Blue Ribbon has served as the Liberty Lake’s hardwood flooring experts. We provide a slew of hardwood flooring services, including installations, refurbishing and repairs.

Hardwood Floor Installation Services

There are many benefits to having a new hardwood floor installed in your home or business. For starters, new hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing, is easy to clean and maintain and helps boost property resale values. An thing you often hear from home and business owners is “we wish would have ditched the carpet for hardwood floors years ago.”

Hardwood Floor Refurbishing Services

As well, if you love your current hardwood floors but think they need a touch-up, we offer refurbishing services that will have them looking good as new. We can even provide custom stains and finishes to have yours looking its absolute best. Refurbishing your hardwood floors is often a prudent economical decision, especially when your current floors still have good life left in them.

Repairing Hardwood Floors

Sometimes things out of control adversely affect our hardwood floors, such as a serious water damage. Fortunately, with our hardwood floor repair services in Liberty Lake, we can fix whatever is ailing your hardwood floors, and have them looking and working pristine once again.

Our family owned business works tirelessly to go above and beyond for our customers, as we strive to have every customer  we work with refer us to someone else. If you have any general or specific questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us.