Hardwood Flooring Installation & Restoration

When you want to buff and recoat your hardwood flooring, add a new addition to your home, or install new flooring, we can take care of the job for you. Blue Ribbon Hardwood Floors is a trusted company for all hardwood flooring installation and restoration jobs. Contact us in Spokane Valley, Washington, today, to request an estimate.

Wood Floor - Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Easy & Stress-Free Service

Updating a home or business is an overwhelming undertaking for any home or business owner. That is why our company makes the design and installation process easy by helping customers choose the right color and wood to complement their space and install and finish the flooring ourselves.

We offer the following services for residential and commercial customers:

• Service for Laminate, Pre-Finished, & Traditional Hardwood Flooring
• Install & Maintain New Flooring
• Refurbish Old Flooring, including Dustless Sanding, Custom Staining, & Finishing
• Repair Fire & Water-Damaged Surfaces

Crew of Hard-Working & Honest Employees

Our workers are fast, efficient, and get the job done on time. They uphold strict cleaning standards and use an environmentally friendly finish that is 99% nontoxic, dries fast, and is safe for any environment or surface.  


Wood prices vary from season to season. Call us at (866) 857-2208 for more details.

Contact us to request an estimate for a hardwood flooring restoration to restore your scratched
and damaged hardwood to a beautiful, mahogany finish.